“It is obvious that you are passionate about what you do, and you do it well. Our delegates enjoyed your session immensely. Thank you for being part of what made our conference a great success.”

   —Andy Ladouceur, Past President and Program Committee Member, Association of Public Sector Information Professionals (DPI Canada), Ottawa, Ontario

“Your Remember When ... for Baby Boomers presentation was a fan favourite and one of the most popular Older Adult events we’ve ever hosted ... We can’t thank you enough for the great work that you do. You’re an inspiring and captivating speaker. The passion you show for your work is infectious.”

   —Luke Hllts, Community Program Coordinator, East Area, Recreation Services, City of Markham, Ontario

“Thanks for your Little Victories keynote, for sharing your knowledge and experience and of course for entertaining our group of professionals. You have been the most efficient and easiest speaker to ‘bring in.’ ... Much appreciated.”

   —Kendra Noble, AGM Chair, Teachers of English as a Second Language, TESL Kingston, Kingston, Ontario

“I really enjoyed your keynote presentation on Survive & Thrive... at our Illinois’ ILHiMA Convention in Tinley Park.”

   —ILHiMA keynote attendee, Illinois Health Information Management Association, Chicago, Illinois

“I can’t stop repeating in my mind many of the thoughtful insights and humorous anecdotes from your Keep Your Chins Up During Retirement. Your casual delivery of valuable words of wisdom while engaging the audience of seniors in shared memories of good times is inspiring.”

   —Kris Miller, session attendee, Markham Older Adults, Markham, Ontario

“Many, many thanks, Tim, for your fantastic presentation on Movie Magic. What a dynamic, informative and poignant celebration of the film arts! The audience was absolutely taken by this afternoon’s talk as your passion shone through ... We’d love to have you back for an encore.”

   —Olexander Wlasenko, Curator, Station Gallery, Whitby, Ontario

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to you for addressing the attendees and sharing your ideas during your keynote. Your thoughtful participation contributed to our conference’s success.”

   —Lisa R. Collins, National Association of State Personnel Executives, Jersey City, New Jersey

“Thank you for being a part of our 30th Anniversary Conference. It is because of dedicated people such as yourself that our conferences continue to be such a success.”

   —Sharron Lyons, President, National Emergency Nurses’ Affiliation, Halifax, Nova Scotia

“You had the audience captivated with Survive & Thrive with Humour!”

   —Kristy-Ann Marki, Information Management Policy Section, Government of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario

“I very much enjoyed your Little Victories keynote speech at our Educational Assistant Conference.”

   —Taylor Nelson, keynote attendee, MacEwan University, Edmonton, Alberta

“Great presentation! My wife and I enjoyed your entertaining Keep Your Chins Up in Retirement keynote immensely this morning.”

   —Graydon Watters, President, The Financial Education Institute of Canada

“A lively, entertaining and thoughtful workshop ... We appreciate your ideas and energy.”

   —TESL Durham Executive, Teachers of English as a Second Language, TESL Durham, Ajax, Ontario

“Our conference committee received these comments about you: ‘He should be the keynote speaker’ and ‘He’s very enthusiastic, funny and motivating.’ People are quite taken by your energy and really appreciate it.”

   —Melanie Roy, Vice-President, Professional Development, and Conference Coordinator, Ontario Business Educators’ Association, Toronto, Ontario

“Tim is an outstanding speaker and motivator. He’s very interesting and humorous ... with great suggestions to motivate employees on building morale ... and great team-building ideas!”

   —Conference delegate and session attendee, 21st Annual Alabama Governor’s Safety and Health Conference, Orange Beach, Alabama

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your participation in our Inspiring from Within conference. It was a great day and it would not have been possible without the amazing session you provided!”

   —Krysta Clark, Healthy Workplace Program Coordinator, Human Resources Services, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario

“I had a great time in your session on Survive & Thrive with Humour at our Canadian Payroll Association conference in Toronto! It was awesome just to be reminded to enjoy your job and to laugh.”

   —Jenn Fehr, Payroll and P&O Administrator, Novozymes Biologicals, BioAg Group, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

“It was a pleasure meeting you ... Your two workshops were both highly informative and immensely entertaining.”

   —Rod Cooper, conference delegate and session attendee, Teachers of English as a Second Language, TESL Niagara, Niagara Falls, Ontario

“I really appreciated your Little Victories keynote. You have terrific speaking talent, as well as the ability to tailor the information to a specific group.”

   —Tiziana Knox, Surmount Coordinator for Job Skills, Richmond Hill, Employment Ontario

“I had the pleasure of attending your Boost Morale & Decrease Personal Stress at the Partners in Prevention conference, and thoroughly enjoyed your session. Thank you for delivering such a great presentation.”

   —Jenny Zhao, MHSc, Regional Health and Safety Officer, Labour Relations and HR Risk Management, Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation

“Your session on The Keys to Building Strong Business Relationships was enlightening and entertaining ... I will definitely put your advice into practice. Thanks again for conducting a very enjoyable and thought-provoking seminar.”

   —Michael Managhan, Managhan Design Solutions Inc., Pickering, Ontario

“A truly successful trip to the U.S. South ... Our teachers are utilizing the things they learned in your workshops.”

   —Janice Stockman, Title I/III Specialist, Autauga County School Board, Alabama Department of Education, Alabama

“Tim’s 20/20 vision of life as a teacher and his entertaining delivery ... amounted to a delightful opening keynote on Little Victories for our conference.”

   —Gisela Ehrenberg, Chair, Professional Development Committee, and Department Head, Ottawa-Carleton District School Board, Ottawa, Ontario

“You had such a positive presence that it significantly reduced my stress level.”

   —Valerie Knebel, Vice-President Programs, Greater Edmonton Teachers’ Convention Association, Edmonton, Alberta

“Thank you for putting on such an engaging and interactive workshop ... It was an energizing way to start my morning, and I took away some great ideas.”

   —Erin Smith, Science Teachers’ Association of Ontario, Toronto, Ontario

“Thank you for being a pivotal part of our annual fundraising event with Supporting & Motivating Your Teen. You made it what it’s meant to be informative and entertaining. Believe me, the pleasure was all ours!!!”

   —Donna Culbert, Executive Director, Parents in Transition, Toronto, Ontario

“Your generous contribution to the success of our program has helped to raise the bar for conferences that will follow ... It was a pleasure to work with you.”

   —Stefanie Wolf, Event Manager, TESL Ontario; and Barbara Krukowski, Conference Chair, Teachers of English as a Second Language of Ontario, Toronto, Ontario

“I wish I could have sat in on your session about Survive & Thrive with Humour. You had some great feedback!”

   —Crystal Pick, Administrative Coordinator, Saskatchewan Association of Human Resource Professionals, Regina, Saskatchewan

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