Shows to Improve Students’ Strategies & Skills

Shows for Parents

“With your own very special style and professional presentation, you made the evening entertaining, interesting and very rewarding.”

    —Maureen Coram, President, Leacock Parents’ Association, Agincourt, Ontario, Scarborough Board of Education

Study Skills & Strategies

Apply winning skills and strategies to study effectively and remember course content for tests and examinations. Includes tips for all subjects, grade 7 to 12.

Exam Writing Strategies

Learn winning skills and strategies to answer examination questions more effectively. Includes tips for all subjects, grade 7 to 12.

Homework Strategies

Learn strategies to prioritize, organize course material and complete projects and homework more efficiently. Includes tips for all subjects, grade 7 to 12.

University & College Preparation: It’s Time to Get Organized

Prepare your household for the next steps after high school. Discover organizational and time-management strategies and tips to apply for monetary awards. Keynote version available.

Shows with a Lighter Touch for Parents & Students

“The content was excellent and so was the delivery you had us all laughing many a time ... Your love and respect for teenagers carried over to the audience.”

   —Helen Kalogiannides, Co-Chair, York Mills School Advisory Council, North York, Ontario, Toronto District School Board

Supporting & Motivating Your Teen

Enjoy a humorous view of teens and return home with great suggestions to co-exist with yours. Reduce tension and foster communication while your teen works toward graduation and scholarships. Keynote version available.

Little Victories: How Teens Can Soar

Be inspired by a lighthearted look at teens and effective ways to excel in school. Use time more efficiently, set priorities and open lines of communication while working toward graduation and scholarships. Keynote version available.

“Thank you very much for the presentation on Motivating Your Teen. Our daughter said it was more fun than ballet, which she would have insisted upon going to if she could have driven herself at 14.”

    —The Shearing Family, Calgary, Alberta

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Shows for Parents

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